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Why You Need to Visit Costa Rica on Your Next Vacation

July 9, 2020
Sea View from pool at Villa Perezoso, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Sea View from pool at Villa Perezoso, Manuel Antonio

For many people travel brings them joy, and they will continue to explore the world and find happiness through travel, even if it means doing so in new ways.  As travelers seek safety amid social distancing and new norms, the travel industry is adapting by focusing on more privacy, dedicated staff throughout guest stays, vacation activities that allow more time in the great outdoors and more secluded lodging options.  Luckily for Costa Rica, many of those new requirements have long since been in place!  And for those aspects that are newly required, Costa Rica has been working tirelessly as a destination on modifying travel protocols to adapt to the current situation.  With that in mind, here are 3 reasons why we think you need to consider Costa Rica and Villa Perezoso for your next vacation destination!

Enjoyment of the Simpler Things in Life

Costa Rica has always had a focus on pura vida or the “pure life” philosophy.  Pura vida is without a doubt the phrase most commonly used, and can be heard far and wide throughout Costa Rica, but the saying goes far beyond its simple translation. It’s a way of life and those who come to Costa Rica and get a taste for it often get hooked and want to come back for more!  Often referred to as a synonym of hakuna matata, pura vida reflects the relaxed lifestyle of Costa Ricans, which serves as a model for those of us who live hectic and stressful lifestyles in our day to day lives.

This term is used as much for a greeting as to bid farewell to a friend or a stranger alike. It can be an expression of gratitude or satisfaction, and is most definitely used as a way to say “Everything’s great!”. Pura Vida embodies the lifestyle that Costa Ricans live; a world where being stress-free and thankful for the simple things like family, health, food on the table and good friends are far more important than material acquisitions, certainly a great perspective to have during the present times we are living!

Connection with the Outdoors

Costa Rica is a country that is very proud of its natural beauty.  Whether visiting our beautiful beach and rainforest community of Manuel Antonio, or any of the other coastal towns along the Pacific or Atlantic Coasts, the volcanoes or one of many mountainous coffee plantation regions, this country always offers a spectacular landscape!  Costa Rica travel companies and lodging providers have long since encouraged its travelers and guests to explore off the beaten track places, of which the country has plenty!  Private tours and activities are readily available and there is no shortage of wide open spaces here!

Research shows that pre-pandemic people spent more time indoors than outdoors, and now that trend has shifted as people look for freedom and the peace of mind that comes from being outside. We know about the healing power of nature and we know that it is essential for our health and happiness to get outside, exercise and breathe fresh air, especially in this current time of stress and anxiety.   Right near Villa Perezoso, we have numerous hiking trails that offer some of the country’s most beautiful views and a chance to visit many of the beaches that Manuel Antonio offers.  What better way to practice social distancing?

Connection with Family & Friends

Perhaps even more important than a love for nature, is the love Costa Ricans have for their families and their friends. Long revered as the most important thing in life, strong bonds with family and friends are at the root of everything Costa Ricans do. We all know that it is important to surround ourselves with family and friends for support and comfort in both times of joy and distress and studies have shown that having supportive relationships is a strong protective factor against mental illnesses and helps to increase our overall well-being and happiness.  Perhaps we can attribute this to Costa Rica having one of the world’s blue zones, where centurions live long and happy lives.  I think we can all safely say that many of our greatest joys in life can be associated with times spent with our loved ones. Why not plan a vacation where your group of loved ones can share together in complete privacy while also enjoying some different scenery?

As we face these changing times, we invite you to come to Costa Rica and experience just a little piece of its pura vida and the exuberant nature surrounding our villa. In Manuel Antonio and at Villa Perezoso, you will be able to relax and enjoy travel with peace of mind.  By renting Villa Perezoso, your family or group of close friends can practice social distancing amid the natural isolation of the rain forest, while enjoying magnificent views of the ocean.  You will be provided the pampering of an all-inclusive resort, but with complete privacy.   After 11 years of hosting guests, our vacation home has become a place of solace and relaxation not only for our personal family and friends, but for so many other families and travel groups to Costa Rica.  Now, more than ever, we are committed to bringing you a truly exclusive and private vacation experience.

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