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Villa Perezoso is Raising Awareness For Ridiculously Adorable Sloths

October 20, 2014

We have been super busy at Villa Perezoso over the past few weeks and yesterday was our first international Sloth Day that we had fun celebrating here in Manuel Antonio. With our namesake, The Sloth institute, we have been working towards the future release of our sloth orphans and helping promote awareness if our furry friends. The huffington post has been following our work and posted about our recent activities. Check out here what we have been up to…

Kids Saving the Rainforest, a non-profit Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation facility, to become First to Release Hand-Raised Orphaned Sloths

June 16, 2014

Kids Saving the Rainforest, a non-profit Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation facility, to become First to Release Hand-Raised Orphaned Sloths

                       Boot camp enclosures and GPS Tracking Collars Vital to Process



June 5, 2014 (Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica) – Initially started by two nine year-old girls

who saw the rainforest disappearing from their beloved home and inspired to save it, Kids Saving the Rainforest (KSTR), a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation facility located in the beautiful rainforest of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica announces its plan to release the first-known hand-raised orphaned sloths back into their natural habitat.  Named Pelota, Ellen and Kermie, these delightful close-knit threesome two-toeds will hopefully become the first ever once orphaned baby sloths of their kind to be released in Costa Rica and the first in the world to be released with GPS collars.               

            Two toed sloths typically spend up to two years with their mothers learning how to be wild. Three- toed sloths spend between 6 months and 1 year with their mothers learning to be wild. This time allows for the young to gain weight to stay warm, to learn how to find good shelter, what to eat, how to climb and to learn about predator avoidance.

 “We are thrilled to be able to contribute to the discovery of the successful raising and reentry of baby orphaned sloths,” said Jennifer Rice, PHD, President of Kids Saving the Rainforest. “Our organization’s commitment to helping with the feeding, care and rehabilitation of these baby sloths has been key to their eventual successful reentry to their natural habitat.


“ We are so excited to be able to share what we’ve learned so far about raising orphaned sloths with other rescue organizations around the world so that they can eventually successfully release these orphans back into their environs where they belong”, said Sam Trull, Wildlife Manager at

 Vital to this process is the pre-release of the threesome into a  50 by 40 M  “boot camp” facility with large trees and ample climbing opportunities which is being built by a group of volunteers on KSTR property this June.  This will allow the three as well as the other up and coming youngsters to move into a protected environment that provides a needed learning environment before their release.

 KSTR is raising funds to help facilitate this important project to outfit the sloths with tracking collars to ensure their safety and to study their behavior upon release. Kids Saving the Rainforest encourages all citizens to get on board to maintain and preserve the magnificence of the rainforest and wildlife that is a vital part of Costa Rica. Donations may be made directly by clicking on the Save the Sloths logo on home page. To contact KSTR, email  or  call 011-506-2-777-2592.  You can also view relevant updates on our local supporters’ blog in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.            .



The Sloth Re-Entry Project at KSTR, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

June 11, 2014

June 11, 2014

 The Sloth Re-Entry Project at KSTR, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

By Seda Taysi Sejud


Pelota. Ellen. Kermie. Three of the cutest, sweetest, and most special two-toed sloths you will ever meet. Their story is one that we hope will make scientific history and provide vast amounts of knowledge about sloth behavior that hasn’t existed until now.  What makes these three so incredibly special and unique is that they were brought to KSTR as orphans and have been successfully hand raised by an amazing group of volunteers led by “sloth mama” Sam Trull who serves as the organization’s Wildlife Manager and “mom” to the orphans.


While there are instances of adult sloths being released back into their original habitat, this will be one of the first times in Costa Rica that hand-raised orphaned sloths will be released back to the wild. And, from the information that is known the first in the world where hand raised orphans will be released with GPS tracking collars. This is where we need your assistance as this feat can not be achieved without your help.

Raising the orphans:

All three of these orphans found their way to KSTR having been orphaned and abandoned by each of their mothers in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, home to many sloths. It is unclear why this may have happened, oftentimes mothers are attacked by a predator or have been electrocuted and the babies are left to die  (baby sloths, much like human babies, are totally dependent on their mothers for their survival).

Two toed sloths typically spend up to two years with their mothers learning how to be wild. Three- toed sloths spend between 6 months and 1 year with their mothers learning to be wild. This time allows for the young to gain weight to stay warm, to learn how to find good shelter, what to eat, how to climb and to learn about predator avoidance.  Pelota, the oldest of the three, was brought in at around 3 months as was Ellen. Each weighed approximately 600 grams or 21 ounces, a little over a pound! Little Kermie, was brought in as a newborn barely weighing ½ pound.  Through great care, Sam simulated a safe and healthy environment, one that included plenty of climbing structures, yummy  sloth food and lots of comfort for the orphans; the three not only flourished but became inseparable.  Eventually, Sam’s apartment, turned baby sloth residence, was no longer a viable residence option for the growing threesome. And with hopeful plans in play for their eventual release, the day came when the three needed to “spread their wings”. They were placed outdoors, starting with a few supervised hours at a time, in a rehab cage, outfitted with branches and sloth hammocks to begin their transition, until eventually they were able to spend all of the day and night alone but together.

The Boot Camp Enclosure:

The current rehab cages are not sufficiently large or 
natural enough to provide a learning environment 
that allows a weaned orphaned sloth a chance to grow into a wild sloth before 
facing the dangers of the wild on their own. The small 
rehab cages were designed for short-term residents
(those brought in as a result of electrocutions, dog attacks, etc) not for long-term residents like orphaned sloths. However, baby and
 young sloths are one of the most frequent of animal species brought in to the wildlife clinic.

KSTR, with the help of volunteers and donors are planning on building this critical enclosure during the month of June 2014. Not only will the sloths benefit from this pre-release, but other animals could also practice here like orphaned anteaters and adult sloths who need some climbing practice before their return to their habitat. Taking them for walks in the jungle is not enough practice at this stage in their life and it’s not practical with nocturnal animals that are already learning to be independent (two toed sloths are nocturnal!). KSTR is very excited to have such an enclosure to add to their facilities.

The Release!:

GPS tracking backpacks/collars, specially designed for sloths are an essential part of this release program. Information provided by these collars will not only help KSTR keep track of the sloths to gauge their health, happiness and safety but will lend valuable information for publications and studies on setting standards for how to raise and release orphaned sloths. GPS technology is constantly developing and this is only the beginning of the kinds of studies we could do to learn more about sloth conservation.

In addition to the threesome, we have two other sloths who could benefit from this enclosure
 and that number is only going to grow. They 
deserve the best chance at a successful release
and this is their next step.

Virtually nothing is known about sloth behavior and ecology. We need to learn more about the sloths in the Manual Antonio region.  They are a HUGE tourist draw and a species that must be protected. Please play a part in helping us maintain and keep this species alive. For Pelota, Ellen and Kermie. For all baby sloths.

KSTR is actively pursuing fundraising and volunteer assistance with the Sloth Project. We are aiming for a goal of $100 per person donation. Smaller or larger donations always welcome. If you are aware of any corporations that might also be interested in a sponsorship, please let us know.

To learn more about how you can help, please contact



Thinking of a Girlfriend Getwaway? The Five Best Things to Do at the luxurious Villa Perezoso in beautiful Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

May 4, 2014

The Five Best Things to Do at the luxurious Villa Perezoso in beautiful Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica You’re considering going on that bucket list trip to Costa Rica with your favorite gal pals. You’ve just booked a week at the top rated luxury vacation Villa Perezoso in Costa Rica. You want to relax, get away for a few days, and have nothing to do — no work, no traffic, nobody screaming for your attention. You just want to lie in the sun, enjoy delicious food and drink, and explore the beauty of your surroundings.

Aside from lounging, lying in the sun, and cocktailing, your more ambitious friends are asking, “What is there to do there?” This article can eliminate your need to do any homework, since we have the five best things to do on your girlfriend getaway right here.

As you’ll see in the online reviews, everyone raves about our concierge Victor, who will be your guide to making the most of your Costa Rican adventure. Ask him about any of these fun activities.

1. Spa and Yoga Day

From downward dogs to deep tissue massages, our staff of seasoned professionals will help you achieve that feeling of being at your personal best. Even better, the setting is our breathtaking, magical penthouse deck, with a 280-degree view of the Pacific Ocean’s whole horizon, in addition to views of the Manuel Antonio National Park, named one of the Top 12 Most Beautiful Parks in the World by Forbes. Get mani-pedis with your girlfriends while you relax on this magnificent deck, take a dip in the Jacuzzi, and enjoy cocktails and the exquisite, healthy creations from your own private chef.

2. Whitewater Rafting

If your ready for more excitement, we are the only resort outside of Rafiki Safari Lodge granted exclusive access to their whitewater rafting trips. Experience the exhilarating power of whitewater rafting on the Savegre River. You can also request custom hiking trips through the rainforest, kayaking excursions through the mangroves and horseback riding along the river with this top-notch outfitters. So not only can you experience the river, but the Costa Rican wilderness while you’re at it. Rafiki offers several trip options and difficulty levels, each catering to our guests varied physical abilities.

3. Catamaran Adventures

Our fun-loving, attentive, and responsible guides really help make this a memorable trip. For four hours, you will see our breathtaking coastline from the Pacific Ocean perspective, witness the dolphins and whales frolicking in the water, and even do a little snorkeling before the sunset drinks and light dinner.

4. Surf Class

Hang ten and rouse your inner surfer! Renowned for our world-class waves, it would be a shame to come all this way and not give it a try. Even if you’ve never touched a surfboard, our very Randall, ex-Costa Rican surf champion, will do more than teach you to stand up. From safety and caring for your surfboard to catching waves, and actually riding them, we’ll get you hooked on this exciting sport.

5. Salsa Dancing

You’ll burn an average of 150 calories for every 30 minutes you partake in this sexy, high energy, and beautiful form of Latin dance, taught by our favorite and nicest instructors. Once you’ve learned a few new moves, you can even hit the local dance clubs and enjoy a night out. A lot of our visitors will check out the local club scene after their lessons.

At Villa Perezoso , there is truly something to make every girlfriend getaway a memorable and exciting experience. While we invite you to just sit and relax, there’s something to do for those who also want a little excitement on their vacation.

Busy Moms Need a REAL Vacation

March 18, 2014

Growing up, many adults remember their family vacations trekking across the U.S. every summer, in the family car with the big luggage carrier on the roof.

The week before the big trip, Mom was always busy and exhausted having not only managed the house and family, she also packed up and got everyone ready. And then, when everyone finally arrived at their big destination, Mom’s relaxing vacation was spent, shopping, cooking, keeping everyone clean, and doing laundry.

While our own sepia-toned memories of family vacations are warm and fuzzy, as adult women we know and appreciate how much work went into these vacations and that mom really didn’t get a break until she got back home and the kids went back to school. In today’s world, as working women, with such little time allotted for vacations, we want to make sure they are not only fun and relaxing but cultural, exciting and with a lot of pampering. And clearly, we don’t want to have to do it all! After all, that’s how we are able to recharge our batteries which we all know is vitally essential in being the best that we can be.

Cooking and cleaning in a new setting is not a vacation. Having someone else to do that for you while you get to relax and enjoy the time away from home is a REAL vacation.

This is something we offer at Villa Perezoso. We want a place for everyone to relax and try something new, for the young, the old, and for particularly for moms . Vacations in Costa Rica are truly magical, to be treasured and remembered for a lifetime.

Here at Villa Perezoso, we designed a vacation experience ensuring that Mom doesn’t need to lift a finger. Our chef and his staff will prepare delicious, healthy meals for everyone to sit down and enjoy together (how often does that happen these days?). We have arranged activities the whole family can do together, without Mom doing all the planning (our concierge manages all of that for you). And you can even just relax at the beach where everyone and everything is picked up and dropped off — umbrellas, drinks, food, chairs, and so on. The kids can go surfing with our expert surfing instructors, while Mom can just sit and read, or even go surfing herself.

One of our guests, Christina McGovern, California, recently told us:

As a mom of four in a full time high pressure career when it comes to a place where I can truly vacation I look for a place of beauty, warm breezes, access to delicious fresh foods and innovative menus and at Villa P, we found it all in one breath-taking setting. Within a home away from home exquisitely appointed we could enjoy time with our family which, for me, is the best time of all. — Christina McGovern, Director of Development Medical Center UCSF

Poet William Ross Wallace once wrote, “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” But sometimes that hand needs to be strengthened and refreshed by a much-needed getaway where there’s nothing to pack, nothing to plan, nothing to cook.

Moms need a break from their regular vacations, so let Costa Rica vacations with Villa Perezoso give you exactly what you need. A chance to sit back, relax, and let someone else do the work all while making beautiful memories.

Villa Perezoso partners with Save the Perezoso fund of KSTR

February 7, 2014
Kermie, Ellen and Volunteer Seda at Kids Saving the Rainforest.

Volunteer Seda withKermie, Ellen at Kids Saving the Rainforest. Takes $17 per week to feed a growing perezoso (sloth)

Named for the property’s original resident – a sloth who oversees things from his guarumo tree home ,Villa Perezoso, a luxury six-story Balinese home a stone’s throw from the sun and surf of Costa Rica’s idyllic ocean beaches and just minutes from the pristine rainforests of Manuel Antonio National Park, begins a donation program contributing a portion of each guest’s rental income to the rescue and rehabilitation of sloths by the organization Kids Saving the Rainforest.

Started by two nine year-old girls who saw the rainforest disappearing from their beloved home and inspired to save it, Kids Saving the Rainforest (KSTR) priority is to grow, expand and continue the operation of wildlife rehabilitation, sanctuary, reforestation and volunteer programs.

“We are thrilled with this partnership,” said Jennifer Rice, CEO of Kids Saving the Rainforest, “Villa Perezoso’s commitment to helping with the feeding, care and rehabilitation of the sloths is key to their eventual successful reentry to their natural habitat.” “ We are grateful to be contributing to helping a local organization who is doing amazing work with the wildlife here in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Their work not only impacts wildlife here but their research and findings can have a global impact for the sloth population”, said Seda Sejud, Proprietor of Villa Perezoso.

It takes a mere $17 per week to maintain the life of a sloth. Sejud encourages all citizens to get on board to maintain the magnificence of this vital part of Costa Rica. Donations may be made directly on Kids Saving the Rainforest Website.

Villa Perezoso is pleased to also announce the expansion of its staff services. For guests booking the entire Villa, a bartender/ server will be part of the staff services in addition to the house manager/concierge, chef and housekeeping. Villa Perezoso is now accepting bookings for its 2015 season. To contact Villa Perezoso, email or 866-460-2591 (toll free).

Pura Vida!

December 18, 2013

manuel antonio costa rica

This is a fact in Costa Rica –  to live the “Pura Vida”! way! This means living a  “Pure Life” And if you think you already know what this really means, think again. There is so much more to living a pure life. So much more than words can even describe. It is unfathomable and yet livable. Let me try to explain….

costa rica manuel antonioWith a visit to Costa Rica, it is possible to experience what “Pura Vida” is all about.   Of course, you might taste a small part of this pure life in an exclusive resort but you may not fully grasp and enjoy its full meaning. By staying in a vacation rental and getting out in the land, the beaches, the nature, the wildlife and interacting with the people is when you will really start to understand. The tranquility and enjoyment these experiences will bring will surely provide you a glimpse of what real heaven is all about. A fact that is accepted in Costa Rica both by the locals, expats and the tourists as well!

photo (2)

Costa Rica is known for its gorgeous beaches and captivating rainforests that leave one feeling like you are living in paradise. But there is so much more to Costa Rica that spell binds tourists, vacationers and locals alike. The magnetic appeal of the luscious greens, the tropical climate, the wildlife including the colorful birds, awesome varieties of monkeys, the toucans,  and the cute perezosos (sloths) all add to what Pura Vida should be. It is part of all of who live in this beautiful land of Costa Rica, a fact natural to Costa Ricans and that comes from within. It seems we are not whole when there is lack of zest and vigor in our everyday lives.

photo (4)The hustle and bustle of our everyday existence that comes with the splendor of life is a Costa Rican fact that can never be erased in the culture of Costa Rica. Here in Costa Rica, somehow we live our lives filled with gratitude for what is, and that is the “normal” life for us. It is Pure Life that sparks the joy and glory in living. This is what most people witness here. The way people enjoy life and live life like everyday is the last day they will live on this planet. Those of us who live here in Costa Rica and all Costa Ricans, find ways to enjoy even the most simple things and celebrate everything from the small to the grand: from the morning sunrise, to the evening sunset, from the greeting of hello of your neighbor, to the witnessing of a morpho butterfly flying in your path. Noticing. Silent gratitude. This is who and what it means to be a Costa Rican and to live in Costa Rica.


Actually, a fact is that most Costa Ricans  and those who live here do not really see the difference between simple and huge. Everything is made grand reflected in the manner with which we accept them. With gratitude and softness. It is how we perceive life and how we enjoy it that make us, completes us, and fulfills us. This is how we live our lives so that we can truly reflect Pura Vida in our everyday living. This is how we are known  – jovial and resilient – just like the waves that toss and turn on every Costa Rican beach, we know when to kiss the shore and when to wave good bye with all the feelings of wonderful freedom. It is one moment in time when you can honestly and boldly say, “I have lived a Pure Life!” Costa Rica boasts of this fact and we all, locals and expats alike, try to embrace living this kind of life and we are indeed blessed.

At the end, it is all about living a purposeful life. This is what “Pura Vida” really is all about. This is a reminder that in every moment, Pura Vida is attainable, even if it is just for that one moment.

Pura Vida! Enjoy the pure life! Pass it on!

Meet The Sloth

December 12, 2013

Lovae Sloths? Love Wildlife? Love exotic travel?

Costa Rica provides the perfect backdrop for those interested in culture, wildlife, eco-tourism, adventure, beautiful beaches, luxury villa rental in Manuel Antonio and more.

Sloth 1

Here at Vailla Perezoso, we don’t just offer luxury villa rental in Manuel Antonio. We love sloths. And not just because they represent our namesake and hang out frequently in the luxury villa rental in Manuel Antonio’s surrounding canopies, but simply because they are just so darn cute! We wanted to share some tidbits with you about the two different types of species that exist and that are prevalent here in Costa Rica; the Bradypus Variegatus – “Three-fingered” sloth and Choloepus hoffmanni – “Two-fingered” sloth. What sets these two types apart is quite a lot…the two-toed sloth actually has 3 toes on its hind legs but 2 on each of its front two legs. The 2 toed variety are quite a bit larger than the 3 toed sloths and have a distinctive snout and unlike their 3 toed counterparts, have no tail, their legs and arms are equal in length and their smile is a lot less pronounced. We’ve captured some great photos shown here of our sloth friends captured on our property.

There are a lot of organizations doing some great work to help in the sustainment of wildlife; the one we are featuring today is the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica. If learning more about these organizations or creatures interest you, you won’t want to miss this! New show “Meet the Sloths” features our namesake adorable Perezoso friends…. Watch the trailer above and get to know these cute cuddly sloths. You will undoubtedly fall in love as we did. ‘Meet the Sloths’ full length documentary airs from mid-November globally on Animal Planet.

Sloth 2

“The show goes behind-the-scenes at one of the world’s most peculiar animal sanctuaries, revealing a surprising soap opera of dramatic rescues, clandestine romance and deadly rivals. The Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica is home to over 150 orphaned and injured sloths – cared for by a formidable trio of women: Feisty nursery manager, Claire, sloth Scientist, Becky and founder, Judy. Together, they’re unraveling the secrets of one of the world’s most enigmatic creatures…”

The show will began airing on Discovery & Animal Planet beginning November, 2013. Check OnDemand to catch up on missed episodes.

The Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica mission is to advocate the protection and rehabilitation of sloths in recovery, specifically through the study, research and exchange of knowledge that facilitates the development of scientific information for Costa Rica’s two species of sloths, the Bradypus variegatus – “Three-fingered” sloth and Choloepus hoffmanni – “Two-fingered” sloth. The sanctuary strives to promote and foster initiatives that heighten people’s awareness of sloths and to provide educational information on the importance of the species and their Costa Rican environment.

Tours and overnight stays at our luxury villa rental in Manuel Antonio are available.

There are many other great organizations which facilitate the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife in Costa Rica, some right here in our backyard in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica where you can avail of our luxury villa rental. Stay tuned for more in our next blog.

Next: Wildlife rescue centers in Costa Rica

Villa Perezoso News…March 2013

March 30, 2013

The Villa

Villa Perezoso..a luxury vacation villa in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Welcome to our Villa Perezoso Blog. We wanted to create this blog to share with you more about life and happenings in Manuel Antonio, along with Villa Perezoso news and photos and even on occasion to post some of our chef’s favorite recipes!

Some history…

To us, Manuel Antonio is as close to paradise as it gets. Our dream was to someday live in a tropical haven, near the beach and somewhere not too far from “home” (California). Having traveled nearly all the continents and vacationed on many of the worlds’ best islands and tropical destinations, upon arriving in Manuel Antonio in November of 2003, we knew we had to live there someday.
Not only was the place magical, the views heavenly, the beaches some of the best we’ve ever encountered but the friendliness of the people of Costa Rica, with their emphasis on preserving their beautiful country, we knew when we arrived that we were hooked and that we wanted to make Costa Rica our next home.

Meanwhile however, we wanted to create a luxury vacation villa like no other to share with others this beautiful find. We found a gorgeous property with some of the best views we have encountered, bought it and started building. With Bali being another favorite destination of ours, we wanted to bring to our guests what we loved about Bali to Costa Rica–from the feeling of living outdoors, to designing a home using an assortment of natural materials, to providing for our guests the top notch service
that the Balinese are so aptly known for. So we melded the worlds of Bali, with the natural beauty, wildlife of Costa Rica to create our luxury vacation villa.

Our architect, Mauricio, did a beautiful job taking our vision and in creating Villa Perezoso,
with every room having distinctive ocean and jungle views. We travelled to Bali to have all the furniture and accessories custom built for the property and had it transported to Costa Rica. What we love most about Villa Perezoso is its uniqueness; from the views, to the monkeys, sloths and birds who
frequent the property, to the wonderful staff, to the extra touches provided for our guests. The BEST part about the Villa however, is our staff. Unlike any other luxury vacation villa in Manuel Antonio, the property was built with a separate live in quarters for the house manager, Victor, who has been with us for years (we hired him at the beginning of the construction)and he is available 24/7 to meet any and all of your needs. His warm smile, contagious charm , his desire to please
and his knowledge about the area and services, along with our most talented chef, Over’s cuisine, is what our guests say makes the stay perfect. And as far as our brilliant chef …he too has a wonderful personality and a great talent in the kitchen and he is part of our staff (all the other villas offer this at an extra cost). What our guests love about him (you can read more on our testimonials page on our website) is that the shopping, cooking and clean up is all taken care of by them! A true vacation experience (and his top notch, delicious food is better than most of the restaurants)! Our housekeeper manages to add her own special touches each day, delighting guests coming back “home” from the beach to sparkling room.

We also love that nature beckons right outside our luxury vacation villas; I personally love the daily monkey visits
and am always excited upon seeing a “perezoso” in the nearby guarumo tree
(that is how we got our name, but more on that in a later blog). If I could pick out two of my
favorite things about Villa Perezoso is 1) the staff and how they spoil us and our guests and 2) the views from each of the rooms (especially the bathrooms with floor to ceiling glass doors that open up allowing you to shower looking out to the vast jungle and pacific ocean. Its a slice of paradise found.

Visit us at  Villa Perezoso, enjoy our luxury vacation villas…and tell us what your favorite experience is!

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Pura Vida.


Introducing Victory, our new adopted baby perezoso

April 3, 2012


This is a heart-warming story about life, heart, kindness, generosity, serendipity and happen stance that I think you will enjoy. Villa Perezoso luxury villa rentals has “given life” to “Vicky”, a baby perezoso (sloth) rescued by our brilliant and charming house manager, Victor (her namesake). On Feb. 22nd, Victor’s trained ears heard a baby sloth crying for its mother. Upon searching the property, he found her lying on the rainforest floor, mother nowhere to be found. Victor called the amazing local rescue organization, Kids Saving the Rainforest (aka KSTR), who took her to care for the newborn until she gets to be strong and old enough to be freed back on the grounds of Villa Perezoso luxury villa rentals. This organization, founded by Dr. Jennifer Rice from Palo Alto, California, relies on the generous donations of the public. Our guests in our luxury villa rentalswho had the privilege of witnessing Vicky’s rescue (named Victory by them), were the first to contribute towards her upbringing. She is doing incredibly well in their facility and will be released in about 6 months time. We will keep you abreast of her progress. Meanwhile, if you find yourself in the beautiful Manuel Antonio, be sure to arrange a visit with Kids Saving the Rainforest and see all the great work they are doing, you can also stay at Villa Perezoso and avail of our luxury villa rental . Years ago, my daughter and I had the incredible opportunity to do some volunteer work for the organization. We spent half a day caring for Koko, another young sloth found and brought to KSTR. I can still remember holding her and being quite surprised by the softness of her hair. Clinging fiercely to her stuffed animal (this not only nurtures them but helps keep their long sharp claws from “hugging” you when they are picked up and “walked”) we took her for walk in the rainforest. We were instructed to place her at the base of trees to help train her to climb them so that she could not only get exercise but learn to forage for herself. We had to keep a careful eye on little Koko, despite being a “sloth”, once she got started up a tree she could move pretty fast and be beyond reach in an instant. Taking care of Koko was one of those memories, like swimming with dolphins, or watching baby sea lions at play, that I will hold onto for a lifetime. We know that Vicky will have the same wonderful care which delights us to no end. If you are interested in donating to this wonderful organization who help care for the injured and abandoned animals of the rainforest, please let us know by sending an email to or visit the Kids Saving the Rainforest website for details. Stay tuned on her progress on our facebook page. Pura Vida.