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Villla Perezoso 2 Lotes De La Casa Blanca, Pacific Canyon Drive Quepos, Costa Rica

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The second time around

February 25, 2019

“When we came the first time two years ago, I never thought I would get to experience such an awesome experience again. Getting to come back and spend a week here again has been amazing. It was a week that we lacked for nothing. Everything arranged when we needed it Ana, I have no idea how you manage to keep control of a group as large as ours bringing half the beach back here with us everyday but you kept this place so clean and comfortable and without sand! Jose, your cheerful greetings, great conversations, Spanish lessons and AMAZING meal creations show you are a chef, artist and magician. We had a wonderful week. Thank you to the whole team for everything!” The Rairdon family, San Antonio, TX Jan 2019.

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