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Villla Perezoso 2 Lotes De La Casa Blanca, Pacific Canyon Drive Quepos, Costa Rica

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  • Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
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“All added up to a vacation of a lifetime.”

November 24, 2013

“This vacation was by far the best we have ever taken–and I am not just saying that. Every one of our kids, my husband, and the other family with us–all loved every part about it..the five star meals by Over, the incredible service by Victor, the unbelievable house, the monkeys, sloths and the iguanas all added up to a vacation of a lifetime. We will definitely be back and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but Villa Perezoso.” Karen & Bob W., Hattiesburg, MS (Mar 12)


“Villa Perezoso is a wonderful villa sitting in the middle of paradise!!! The monkeys, sloths, iguanas and even an anteater made the balcony the main attraction each evening. Victor is the perfect host. He is known and liked by everyone in town. He made each and everyday perfect. Cecelia and crew kept our paradise spotless and Chef Over, I do not know anyone that can cook like he does. Tremendous food every day without fail. TRUE PARADISE! Our stay at Villa Perezoso was the best vacaiton we have had so far. We loved the monkey watching every evening. We went on many trips during the day but coming home to Villa Perezoso was always welcoming and wonderful. The house is beautiful and Victor’s warm smile made us feel at home. Over’s food was great and the best ever. We loved coming home to clean room. We will miss this wonderful place; it is beautiful! We will be back soon! Hope and Orlando, Hattiesburg, MS (Mar 12)

“I will carry Villa Perezoso with me for a long time…”

“What an amazing experience! Your vision and manifestation are astounding. I have never been more inspired and cared for by this beautiful home and its thoughtful caregivers. Wish i had more time to express all my thoughts and feelings but the van is here to take us on our journey home. I will certainly carry Villa Perezoso with me for a long time; hopefully until I am able to return with my husband! Carolyn S., Woodside, CA (Feb ’12)


“Thank you for making our Costa Rica trip amazing….

We enjoyed every minute and appreciated the attention to detail and kindness of are a terrific host! Muchas gracias. Pura Vida.”  David A. , Dayton, OH (Mar ’12)

“I had no idea of the magic we would encounter here.”

“The young sloth (a week old), the baby sloth Victor rescued and we named Victor, the capuchins, the howlers, the geckos and the many beautiful birds..from the moment I took my first swim in your stunning pool, sweaty and lagged from our flight and drive, the first word that formed in my mind was “fortitude”. Your vision, passion, creativity and strength are both inspiring and clearly evident in Villa Perezoso. I knew I was coming to someplace cherished by its owners, but I had no idea, really of the magic I would encounter here. We took many lovely and interesting excursions, but it was right here at home where our most delightful, astonishing and treasured interactions with the animals, our friends furried and feathered took place. From the greeting of six titi monkeys on the patio upon our arrival, to the capuchin who landed with a tiny thud on my bedroom porch the next dawn then climbed his way up the pipes to the main house floor, to the howlers who awoke us each night and moved closer each dawn until  no less than eight filled the big tree for breakfast. Our circle of women who gathered here are wondering how to integrate the profound discoveries we experienced here, inside and outside, into our lives at home, until we can return again. With deepest awe and highest gratitude.” Kimberly C., Sebastopol, CA (Feb ’12)

“You made life Pura Vida here.”

“Thank you for a wonderful escape to paradise. You made life Pura Vida here. Everything was exceptional! We had a great relaxing vacation. Meals were amazing. Thank you for your warm hospitality and kindness. It was a pleasure and than you so much for the Spanish lessons. Gracias.” Tina and Stan P., Augusta, MO (Feb. ’12)

“An unforgettable trip”

“I can’t thank you all enough for your hospitality this week. It has been an unforgettable trip thanks to all your hard work, amazing meals and attention to detail. We will be back.” Katelyn S., Cape Cod, MA (Feb ’12)

“Thank you for making our dreams come true.”

“V-Villa Perezoso!!!, I-Incredible Staff!!!, L-lovely location with incredible views, L-lush, plush accomodations, A-Awesome Adventures, P-Pura Vida, priceless memories we made here, E-Excellent Service!!!, R-r you ready to Bamboo Jam?, E-Excellent manager, Victor, Z-zoology galore!, O-Over our amazing Chef!, S-Superwoman Cecelia with the beautiful smile and cute shoes!, O-Offers an over the top Vacation!  From the bottom of our hearts thank you for making all our dreams come true. We can’t wait to return! John & Mary B., SF, CA, (June ’11).

“It exceeded my greatest expectations.”

“I spent one and a half years planning this special trip to celebrate my 50th birthday with 11 of my best girlfriends and family.  During that time I imagined what that experience would be like. On every level, it exceeded my greatest expectations. The Villa and Penthouse are exquisitely beautiful and I could feel the committment to detail and excellence in every square inch. Victor was so caring, generous, loving, gracious and attentive that I actually wept in gratitude in his office because of his kindness. It is rare that a concierge fully owns the space as his own but Victor owns every inch and myself and my guests felt completely taken care of…from the excursions arranged, cabs called, laundry handled, animals brought to our attention, etc, etc. Over cooked masterpieces for every meal and his cooking was so spectacular that it was the only time all 12 of us fell silent because all we could do is ooh and aah at the yummy food we were eating! 12 women who cook, shop, prepare and clean for ourselves were incredibly grateful to be so well taken care of. Cecelia and her crew kept the chaos of our large group contained and somehow managed to keep the entire space clean and tidy without ever being in the way. They were invisible minstrels lovingly tending to the space. I could not have hoped for more from my experience here. All of the staff perform at a level of excellence that I’ve rarely experienced on a vacation. I leave Costa Rica feeling immensely grateful for all of their kind, loving, attentive and generous service. Thank you all for making my 50th birthday such a grand and unforgettable experience! With love and gratitude.” Tina B., San Geronimo, CA (July ’11)

“We thank you for giving us back our joyful spirit, our Pura Vida…”

“We thank you for the absolute trip of a lifetime. From the moment Victor met us at the front of the Villa door, we felt welcomed, nurtured, embraced and nourished thoroughly body, spirit and soul. Chef Over is a gift to the world. His creative, over-the-top delicious meals were a constant source of delight and joy each day. We so enjoyed him, his joy of life and his talents. To dear Victor, the Villa is a beautiful location but with him here it is truly a home away from home. We trusted him to make our vacation special and he made each adventure’s logistics seem effortless when we know they take much care, thought and work. He ensured that we were happy, relaxed, safe, and having fun whenever, whatever we wish. Cecelia works so hard to take all our cares away..beds made clean, lovely rooms all with a smile. We thank you for giving us back our joyful spirit, our Pura Vida, our reminder that life is truly lived with good friends, wine and love. We love you all and can’t wait to return.” Ed & Christina M., SF, CA (June ’11).