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Introducing Victory, our new adopted baby perezoso

April 3, 2012


This is a heart-warming story about life, heart, kindness, generosity, serendipity and happen stance that I think you will enjoy. Villa Perezoso luxury villa rentals has “given life” to “Vicky”, a baby perezoso (sloth) rescued by our brilliant and charming house manager, Victor (her namesake). On Feb. 22nd, Victor’s trained ears heard a baby sloth crying for its mother. Upon searching the property, he found her lying on the rainforest floor, mother nowhere to be found. Victor called the amazing local rescue organization, Kids Saving the Rainforest (aka KSTR), who took her to care for the newborn until she gets to be strong and old enough to be freed back on the grounds of Villa Perezoso luxury villa rentals. This organization, founded by Dr. Jennifer Rice from Palo Alto, California, relies on the generous donations of the public. Our guests in our luxury villa rentalswho had the privilege of witnessing Vicky’s rescue (named Victory by them), were the first to contribute towards her upbringing. She is doing incredibly well in their facility and will be released in about 6 months time. We will keep you abreast of her progress. Meanwhile, if you find yourself in the beautiful Manuel Antonio, be sure to arrange a visit with Kids Saving the Rainforest and see all the great work they are doing, you can also stay at Villa Perezoso and avail of our luxury villa rental . Years ago, my daughter and I had the incredible opportunity to do some volunteer work for the organization. We spent half a day caring for Koko, another young sloth found and brought to KSTR. I can still remember holding her and being quite surprised by the softness of her hair. Clinging fiercely to her stuffed animal (this not only nurtures them but helps keep their long sharp claws from “hugging” you when they are picked up and “walked”) we took her for walk in the rainforest. We were instructed to place her at the base of trees to help train her to climb them so that she could not only get exercise but learn to forage for herself. We had to keep a careful eye on little Koko, despite being a “sloth”, once she got started up a tree she could move pretty fast and be beyond reach in an instant. Taking care of Koko was one of those memories, like swimming with dolphins, or watching baby sea lions at play, that I will hold onto for a lifetime. We know that Vicky will have the same wonderful care which delights us to no end. If you are interested in donating to this wonderful organization who help care for the injured and abandoned animals of the rainforest, please let us know by sending an email to or visit the Kids Saving the Rainforest website for details. Stay tuned on her progress on our facebook page. Pura Vida.