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Meet The Sloth

December 12, 2013

Lovae Sloths? Love Wildlife? Love exotic travel?

Costa Rica provides the perfect backdrop for those interested in culture, wildlife, eco-tourism, adventure, beautiful beaches, luxury villa rental in Manuel Antonio and more.

Sloth 1

Here at Vailla Perezoso, we don’t just offer luxury villa rental in Manuel Antonio. We love sloths. And not just because they represent our namesake and hang out frequently in the luxury villa rental in Manuel Antonio’s surrounding canopies, but simply because they are just so darn cute! We wanted to share some tidbits with you about the two different types of species that exist and that are prevalent here in Costa Rica; the Bradypus Variegatus – “Three-fingered” sloth and Choloepus hoffmanni – “Two-fingered” sloth. What sets these two types apart is quite a lot…the two-toed sloth actually has 3 toes on its hind legs but 2 on each of its front two legs. The 2 toed variety are quite a bit larger than the 3 toed sloths and have a distinctive snout and unlike their 3 toed counterparts, have no tail, their legs and arms are equal in length and their smile is a lot less pronounced. We’ve captured some great photos shown here of our sloth friends captured on our property.

There are a lot of organizations doing some great work to help in the sustainment of wildlife; the one we are featuring today is the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica. If learning more about these organizations or creatures interest you, you won’t want to miss this! New show “Meet the Sloths” features our namesake adorable Perezoso friends…. Watch the trailer above and get to know these cute cuddly sloths. You will undoubtedly fall in love as we did. ‘Meet the Sloths’ full length documentary airs from mid-November globally on Animal Planet.

Sloth 2

“The show goes behind-the-scenes at one of the world’s most peculiar animal sanctuaries, revealing a surprising soap opera of dramatic rescues, clandestine romance and deadly rivals. The Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica is home to over 150 orphaned and injured sloths – cared for by a formidable trio of women: Feisty nursery manager, Claire, sloth Scientist, Becky and founder, Judy. Together, they’re unraveling the secrets of one of the world’s most enigmatic creatures…”

The show will began airing on Discovery & Animal Planet beginning November, 2013. Check OnDemand to catch up on missed episodes.

The Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica mission is to advocate the protection and rehabilitation of sloths in recovery, specifically through the study, research and exchange of knowledge that facilitates the development of scientific information for Costa Rica’s two species of sloths, the Bradypus variegatus – “Three-fingered” sloth and Choloepus hoffmanni – “Two-fingered” sloth. The sanctuary strives to promote and foster initiatives that heighten people’s awareness of sloths and to provide educational information on the importance of the species and their Costa Rican environment.

Tours and overnight stays at our luxury villa rental in Manuel Antonio are available.

There are many other great organizations which facilitate the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife in Costa Rica, some right here in our backyard in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica where you can avail of our luxury villa rental. Stay tuned for more in our next blog.

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