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Villla Perezoso 2 Lotes De La Casa Blanca, Pacific Canyon Drive Quepos, Costa Rica

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  • Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
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“i thought we were in heaven the first day…”

April 24, 2014

“Villa Perezoso is truly a paradise, a hidden gem! We thought we were in heaven on the first day and it just got better everyday! We felt immediately welcome, as if we were royalty and family at the same time. There were 12 of us in our group–the Villa gave us all our space when we needed it, but was also cozy with many great sitting areas. The wildlife and views of Manuel Antonio beach and ocean make the atmosphere amazing. What makes VP truly above everywhere else is the friendly and talented staff. Victor takes care of every detail from arranging transportation, to settling up excursions, to calling ahead to places we are going. He is a consummate professional and made us feel special. Randall and Ober are also amazing and are responsive to your every need. We really appreciated when they shared with us how to prepare certain dishes and drinks, both for the adults and children. It was extra special the way they treated our children so kindly. We were astounded at how our sometimes picky eaters were willing to eat everything Ober cooked. It was also great to have Victor immediately available whenever questions arose. Cecilia does such a fantastic job keeping the place pristine to where you could eat off the floor, especially impressive with 6 children around. Ober is such an impressive chef, it’s hard to put into words the anticipation that built up before each meal. The pinnacle of the week occurred when we were working out how to get surfing lessons for our daughter. She had asked about surfing all week. When it was made possible for Randall to teach us, everyone became enthusiastic about surfing. Randall exceeded our expectations as his patience, skill and experience were on display. He was able to teach almost 10 of us how to surf. At the same time, he prepared us for the beach, carried the boards, served us between lessons and made it our favorite day here. So gracias, gracias, gracias!! We certainly hope to get back here again someday, it’s like nowhere else we’ve been! Pura Vida.”
George and Mary Ellen P, Alabama (Mar 2014)

“what a magical place”

“The “Villa”–what a magical place! The locate and scenery are incredible but I’ve been fortunate enough to stay at a lot of nice places–what makes the Villa so special is the staff and the ones I know by name as Victor, Randall and Ober. Simply put, the most accommodation yet most professional group I’ve ever been around from virgin daiquiris to gourmet meals–the were fantastic!! They were chefs, bartenders, translators, language tutors, conversationalists and just good folks. It was so nice to have transportation arranged by Victor especially since our party was 6 children and 6 adults. It was amazing to watch Ober and Randall prepare the meals while also allowing me to question, observe, and write down their recipes and methods. Where else could one go and be waited on hand and foot with personal cooking lessons and surfing lessons. I hope to one day return to the Villa but if I don’t I will always have the memories and will be eternally grateful for their hard work, patience and most importantly their friendship with me and my family members. Pura Vida!!” Shannon M., Alabama (Mar 2014)

“An unexpected delight”

“Our extended family of 14 decided to add surfing lessons to our list of activities. At breakfast, we learned that Randall had been a competitive surfer and loved the sport. We immediately pounced on him for information and tips and begged him to join us. He politely declined to join us but gave us many tips. Shortly after breakfast, we learned that Victor had arranged for Randall to join us for a day at the beach! (From VP: surfing lessons by Randall now an offering–in between meal service– for our guests!). Boy, were we in for a surprise! Randall completely took care of us from helping us load our coolers to retrieving the surf boards. He had such patience as he taught each of us how to get up on the board and ride a wave in. He worked with ages 8 to 52! What a wonderful day and such a delight to have him join us.” Marjorie M., Daphne, AL (Mar 14)

“A perfect place to celebrate a joyous beautiful wedding ceremony”

“Villa Perezoso was so much more than we had expected. A perfect place for family and friends to celebrate a joyous beautiful wedding ceremony. The highlights of sightseeing were the beach and National Park and the zip line experience. The service from Victor, Ober, Randall, Cecelia and the rest of the staff was par excellence. Everyone loved seeing the monkeys and toucans. Keoni, our almost 5 year old was forever in the pool. The food was exquisite–fresh, beautifully presented, delicious. Thank you Ober and Randall for your patience and teaching us how to nabla espanol mas major.” Danniell and John M, Nevada (Feb 2014)

“so wonderful to be pampered all week”

“Thank you so much for the incredible stay we had at Villa Perezoso!! The home was beautiful, clean and well maintained. The staff took such good care of us. Victor was very professional, went above and beyond to take care of our needs, and his warmth was so refreshing. Ober and Randall made us the best food ever! Some of our best memories will be the delicious meals they made. It was so wonderful to be pampered all week and not have to worry about a thing. We enjoyed the beach every day, we did the canopy hipline, Manuel Antonio Natl Park, and Rafiki river rafting–all well worth it and amazing adventures. To come back to a private home each day after our outings, take a dip in the pool, and enjoy Ober and Randall’s guacamole was a special treat. Thank you, thank you, thank you for such an amazing week. Costa Rica and Villa Perezoso far exceeded our expectations in every way!! Pura Vida!” Cameron and Amy S., Letti Utah, Mar 2014

“a luxurious, beautiful home for everyone to enjoy”

“We weren’t looking for a typical beach vacation–we wanted adventure and wildlife added to our rest and relaxation. Manuel Antonio and Villa Perezoso exceeded our expectations and taught us the meaning of pura vida! I have travelled extensively worldwide throughout my life and do all my own travel planning. It is something I enjoy. I initially found the villa using, after weeks of looking at every villa rental in the area–we wanted the “best”. The fact that VP has a full staff, and every review of the villa and staff is outstanding, determined our selection decision. Seda’s friendly, quick and informative responses to our email questions further reinforced our decision to go with Villa Perezoso. Her website for the villa is excellent! She’s built a luxurious, beautiful home for everyone to enjoy. Victor, Ober,Randall and Cecelia work so well together to provide a level of service you would receive from the finest resort. We spent many hours laughing and becoming friends. They all have warm, welcoming personalities so that interact feels immediately comfortable. They meet every need without feeling intrusive. Because Victor has been involved with the home from construction to present time, it is evident he takes pride in maintaining the villa to the hightest level of beauty, comfort, and service. We planned to eat dinner out occasionally, but that never happened after experiencing the food and drink of Ober and Randall. They even graciously gave us several cooking/bartending lessons. Cecilia is quiet and always wearing a smile, providing a tidy home. The views from the villa couldn’t be better! Not only is there a beautiful view of the ocean, the trees are the perfect height and variety to allow almost constant wildlife sightings! We were so lucky, we saw the toucans, sloth and monkeys multiple times a day–every day! The howlers even paid a visit one afternoon. We enjoyed our excursions (all booked by Victor), our time in Costa Rica, and are already planning our next trip! Pura Vida!”Kim and Vernon P., Virginia Feb. 2014


“Village” Perezoso

There is not a hotel or another villa that compares to you. Your professionalism shows in the work you do and the treatment of your guests. We are already planning a trip next year. Best word for the staff is “awesome”. Virginia, Feb. 2014

“Pura Vida won’t explain your experience…”

February 5, 2014

“Pura Vida won’t explain your experience. Over, Randall and Victor are beyond any expectations! Over–best food you will ever have! Randall–courteous, respectful and totally unexpected!! Victor–professional, genuine, one of a kind! We’ve been here four times and this experience at Villa Perezoso was beyond anything ever experienced! Pura Vida?? No…Victor, Over and Randall! Thanks again.” Tara S., Tulsa, Oklahoma (Feb. ’14)


“ vacationing at its best…”

February 4, 2014

“From the moment you get to the property, you will experience luxury vacationing at its best, breathtaking views, personable & knowledgable staff, and a sense that your stay will be nothing but the best! I had my family join me for my son’s birthday and his first time to Costa Rica so we occupied the entire villa. There were children that ranged from 6 to 16. Surprisingly, the home is very “kid friendly” even at its opulence. A full time staff not only equips the house, but adds to the value and comfort of the home. Villa Perezoso would not be as spectacular without the staff. Victor, the house manager is amazing! He is always on top of everything. He manages to always please and accommodate your every need and want meticulously. Ober and Randall make the perfect team at meal times. Ober prepared some of the best meals I’ve ever had! His desserts are delicious too! Randall sets the mood, prepares fresh assortments of drinks and always makes sure everyone’s palate is happy. Cecilia and her team work hard to make sure your home away from home is spic and span. She is extremely detailed orientated. The staff at Villa Perezoso will make it very difficult to say goodbye and return home. From the decor to the views, the luxury linens and towels to the small details, like the imprinted leaves on the stairs the villa itself is gorgeous. Pictures in my opinion do not do the villa justice. You have to see it for yourself! The location of the home is central to the beach and to Quepos. I walked to many places and cabbed to others. The villa is located at the bottom of a steep hill but most everything in Manuel Antonio is! There are plenty of restaurants (but with Ober you will probably never experience them), a casino, open bars, shops, bank, and more within a 7 – 10 minute walking distance. I have to say this has probably been my best vacation yet. The villa is a must see and the staff a must meet! We unflinchingly give a glowing 5-star review, and we cannot recommend their place highly enough.” Matt & Bea C., Ft Lauderdale, FL (Jan. 2014)

“..loved every minute of our vacation”

“We have loved every minute of our vacation here at Villa Perezoso. Traveling with young children to a new country seemed daunting at first, but we have truly been well taken care of here! Victor has arranged amazing excursions and has been so attentive. Over has outdone himself with the tremendous cooking, each meal has been fantastic. Randall has served up some yummy drinks and always seems able to anticipate what your next need will be and deliver it before even asked. Cecelia has kept the Villa beautiful and has such a great smile when you see her. We have truly felt pampered this entire week and the entire staff has made sure this vacation has been the best it could be! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!” E. Family, Mt Laurel, NJ (Jan.2014)