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Villla Perezoso 2 Lotes De La Casa Blanca, Pacific Canyon Drive Quepos, Costa Rica

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  • Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
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“ vacationing at its best…”

February 4, 2014

“From the moment you get to the property, you will experience luxury vacationing at its best, breathtaking views, personable & knowledgable staff, and a sense that your stay will be nothing but the best! I had my family join me for my son’s birthday and his first time to Costa Rica so we occupied the entire villa. There were children that ranged from 6 to 16. Surprisingly, the home is very “kid friendly” even at its opulence. A full time staff not only equips the house, but adds to the value and comfort of the home. Villa Perezoso would not be as spectacular without the staff. Victor, the house manager is amazing! He is always on top of everything. He manages to always please and accommodate your every need and want meticulously. Ober and Randall make the perfect team at meal times. Ober prepared some of the best meals I’ve ever had! His desserts are delicious too! Randall sets the mood, prepares fresh assortments of drinks and always makes sure everyone’s palate is happy. Cecilia and her team work hard to make sure your home away from home is spic and span. She is extremely detailed orientated. The staff at Villa Perezoso will make it very difficult to say goodbye and return home. From the decor to the views, the luxury linens and towels to the small details, like the imprinted leaves on the stairs the villa itself is gorgeous. Pictures in my opinion do not do the villa justice. You have to see it for yourself! The location of the home is central to the beach and to Quepos. I walked to many places and cabbed to others. The villa is located at the bottom of a steep hill but most everything in Manuel Antonio is! There are plenty of restaurants (but with Ober you will probably never experience them), a casino, open bars, shops, bank, and more within a 7 – 10 minute walking distance. I have to say this has probably been my best vacation yet. The villa is a must see and the staff a must meet! We unflinchingly give a glowing 5-star review, and we cannot recommend their place highly enough.” Matt & Bea C., Ft Lauderdale, FL (Jan. 2014)

“..loved every minute of our vacation”

“We have loved every minute of our vacation here at Villa Perezoso. Traveling with young children to a new country seemed daunting at first, but we have truly been well taken care of here! Victor has arranged amazing excursions and has been so attentive. Over has outdone himself with the tremendous cooking, each meal has been fantastic. Randall has served up some yummy drinks and always seems able to anticipate what your next need will be and deliver it before even asked. Cecelia has kept the Villa beautiful and has such a great smile when you see her. We have truly felt pampered this entire week and the entire staff has made sure this vacation has been the best it could be! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!” E. Family, Mt Laurel, NJ (Jan.2014)

“Perfect 50th wedding anniversary gift”

“Our children and grandchildren gave us a 50th wedding anniversary gift of a trip for the family to Costa Rica. We felt that was the most amazing, thoughtful idea imaginable. How could any of us have expected the experience to be made all the more special by the TOP NOTCH staff: Victor, a friend and extraordinary organizer/manager. Randall who couldn’t do enough to make us happy, content and comfortable. Over who’s cooking rivals anything we’ve had anywhere in the world. Cecelia who took such beautiful care of the house. They may have been “staff” but their warmth and friendliness can only be described as PERFECTION! That’s also my definition of Villa Perezoso! What a PERFECT anniversary gift! We loved every minute.” Carol and Richard S., NYC (Dec. 2013)

And a note from the kids…

“Words cannot begin to express how wonderful this experience was. The house and views are beautiful. The excursions were thrilling, but the people here made this vacation all worth the trip. Victor was fabulous, Over & Randall were amazing and Cecilia made us feel at home. We would love to visit Costa Rica again but we could not imagine coming here without staying in this wonderful place. This has been an amazing vacation. Thank you to each of you for making it special, thank you to your families for allowing us to share a piece of your culture. Pura Vida”. M, J, M & M New York (Nov. 2013)

“..beautiful view”

Escaping the stress of New York and coming to this relaxing and beautiful home surrounded by paradise was one of our best vacations ever. Being surrounded by our best friends and being so spoiled by Victor, Randall, Over and staff who took care of all our needs and made us feel so welcome and comfortable. We will always remember the beautiful views from the house. The delicious meals we were served all day and the planning that was done to arrange all our exciting excursions and massages. What a wonderful staff that was so accommodating with smiles on their faces making this vacation even more special. Thanks for everything and we hope one day we will be returning to relive our wonderful experience. Todd and Jessica T., Long Island, NY (Nov. 2013)

“…an oasis of tranquility”

February 3, 2014

Thank you so much Victor, Randall, Over and Cecelia for making this week at Villa Perezoso so incredible! From the second we walked in the door you all made us feel so comfortable and your love of your culture was infectious–thank you for so generously sharing stories and helpful tips about the beautiful country you call home. Costa Rica is such as a special place and our experience at this oasis of tranquility, Villa Perezoso was nothing short of perfection. The location of Villa Perezoso is amazing in itself, but the Villa truly becomes home because of the care and warmth displayed by the staff. Muchas gracias!! Hopefully we will meet again!”, Jeff and Nicole R., Long Island, NY November 2013

“…beauty and pampering”

“There is always apprehension in going to an unfamiliar location. This was a first for us to rent a house equipped with a staff. Victor, Randall, Over and Cecelia made us feel so welcome. Victor was there for us with any questions or recommendation we needed. He arranged everything and they work together like a well oiled machine each meal, Over and Randall prepared our meals but they were so much more than that–each meal was a complete experience, a gourmet experience. At the onset of our trip we were looking into local restaurants, but after our first meal we knew there was no need to leave the beauty and pampering we received at the Villa Perezoso. We hope one day to return. Thank you all for everything. You are the best! Pura Vida.” Wendy S., Lady Lake, FL (Nov 2013)

“I write this with a heavy heart, having left the most amazing vacation we have ever had….

November 24, 2013
….Words cannot express the level of service, and friendship your staff provided for our family.  From the second we arrived at the Villa, we were warmly greeted, and your beautiful house surpassed our expectations.  It was difficult at first to accept being catered to in such a fashion, however, it took less then one day to let go and let the magic of the staff and the villa engulf us.
I was told by another vacation planner that it could be awkward having a live-in staff, and having people around all the time could be uncomfortable.  He could have not been more wrong.  Every day we looked forward to coming home to be with Randall, Over and Victor.  The house always smelled amazing as Over worked his magic, every night better than the last.  We are restaurant people and very critical, but we never ceased to be amazed at what awaited us on the table each night.  Over is world class.
The flair in which Randall served us each day is unsurpassed.  He made each of feel like we were the only person in the room, and we all thought we were his favorite.  He anticipated our needs even before we did, making every second memorable.  Every night when we heard the blender, we knew it was time to go down for dinner and have fun in the kitchen with him.  His drinks were outstanding, and never, never empty.
Victor was there for us every second, above and beyond the call of duty.  Like Randall, and Over, he just knew what to anticipate and very efficiently attended to every detail.  He greeted us every morning, and we couldn’t wait to see him before dinner so we could chat.  He attended to every whim, and made sure we had provisions, rides, and mostly fun. Cecelia was the quiet “angel”. She took care of us every day, and that could not have been an easy task. The house was always perfect, and she always had a smile on her face.
When we left, it was with tears in our eyes, and heavy hearts.  We felt we were leaving our best friends behind.  Now that is a vacation!” Margie G., July ’13

“..the heart and soul of this most lovely and magical Villa.”

I honestly will never be able to completely describe to you the impact these  beautiful people had on our family. They are the heart and soul of this most lovely and magical Villa. Victor was amazing and helpful and a wealth of knowledge and information. and he is so very funny. He completely took care of all our needs and offered wonderful suggestions. Over’s cooking skills rival any chef on the Las Vegas strip. He is so creative. He takes great pride in not only creating delicious meals but also in a beautiful presentation. He was very concerned about our food preferences and strove to create meals we would all love. I swear if I wasn’t married I would marry Randall. He is a true gentleman. Every afternoon I looked forward to hearing the blender because I knew Randall was blending up my special drink for me. And poor sweet Cecelia. She had to clean up after all of us every day. I clean my son’s rooms and bathrooms so I know how horrible that is.

I cannot believe how very blessed and very lucky our family is, to have been able to stay in what surely is one of the most beautiful Villa’s not only in Costa Rica but anywhere in the world. And to be completely pampered and have all of our wants and needs taken care of.  We still cannot believe how wonderful it was. Now I cannot believe I had to leave. I cannot believe I won’t see my monkey friends and the sloths and the toucans or the gecko’s again.   I am so sad, I am actually almost physically ill and going through “withdrawal” since we left.  The only thing that makes me feel better is knowing I will go back to your beautiful country and stay at your beautiful Villa and see my beautiful friends, Victor, Over, Randall and gentle Cecilia again. SOON!!!!

I thank you, Seda,  Victor, Over, Randall and gentle Cecilia for a most fantastic and magical vacation.  I look to going back.” Shannon M., Las Vegas, NV (July ’13)

“….Gourmet cuisine with Costa Rican flare..”

“We have had an amazing experience! Villa Perezoso is beautiful and we could not have picked a more amazing place to stay in Manuel Antonio. Victor took care of all of our needs from arranging day trips to taking care of small details that made everything feel personalized and done with love. Over, your cooking is amazing! We experienced gourmet cuisine with Costa Rican flare at every meal. You also went above and beyond engaging our 11 year old son and letting him feel a sous chef! Randall, you are warm and funny and made all of our meals fun and full of laughter. You also make the best pina coladas ever! Cecelia, your smile, was a wonderful way to be greeted and the house always was impeccable. Each of you brought love and friendship to each interaction and we will be forever grateful for these memories. You are all cherished! Ken C., Tulsa, OK (June ’13)